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Protect Your Community Center’s Gym Floor By Using These Suggestions

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Protect Your Community Center’s Gym Floor By Using These Suggestions

When you’re running a local community center, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all parts of the facility look good and work well for all the groups that use the space. The gym is often one of the most used areas in a community center, and the hardwood surface can take a beating after being used so often. Protect the gym floor by taking action with the tips below. Start with Mats at Each Entrance One of the best things you can do for your community center’s gym floor is to place a floor mat at every entrance. It is natural that people will track in dirt, snow, and rain with their shoes. Encourage them to wipe their feet before they walk onto the gym floor so that there isn’t quite as much debris on the floor’s surface. Dust Mop the Floor Some dust will inevitably get onto the surface of your gym’s hardwood floor. Enlist the help of local children and teenagers to help you keep the space clean by using dust mops each day. Use Floor Cover Tarps Gym floor cover tarps can offer additional protection for your floor if you use it regularly for exhibits, art fairs, dances, and school science fairs. These tarps provide a number of benefits for the floor and those walking on them. The floor is protected against scratches and nicks from tables, chairs, and shoes, and because the tarps offer greater traction than the actual floor, those walking around in the space don’t have to worry about a slippery surface. Offer Shoe Cubbies As mentioned, people are likely to carry in water and dirt on their shoes before they step into the gym area. Providing a cubbie area where they can change out of those dirty shoes into gym sneakers can help you to protect the floor’s surface. They can place their outdoor shoes in crates or lockers that you set aside for this purpose. Place floor tarps on the floor of the cubbie area and provide chairs to those who need to change their shoes so they will be comfortable. These are just a handful of tips that will help you protect the gym floor in your community center. Speak with vendors in the area who can provide floor tarps and other supplies that will keep the floor of the gym in good shape so that it works well for the people in your community for some time. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website...

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Three Must-Have Elements Of A Quick And Easy Resume

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Must-Have Elements Of A Quick And Easy Resume

Some job seekers are intimidated by the prospect of writing a resume. This document is an advertisement of you, and if it doesn’t knock the socks of a hiring manager, it will be relegated to a shredder and you will be left hunting again. You can pay up to several hundred dollars to a professional resume writer, which may actually hinder your job search. You can also take the time to research resume writing tactics and do it yourself. If you are looking to write a quick and easy resume for a job that doesn’t need a full curriculum vitae to consider you as a potential employee, use the following tips to come up with something comprehensive and simple to get your foot in the door. Contact Information This is obviously a vital piece of information. If an employer can’t contact you, they won’t be able to call you to discuss your qualifications, schedule you for an interview, or extend an offer of employment to you. List your full name and mailing address. Include at least one email address (and don’t forget to check your spam or bulk email folders in case the employer uses your email contact information). And most importantly, include at least one phone number. Your cell phone is a must, but if you have an alternate number, like a home number, add that too. This will ensure that the employer can contact you at any time, so they won’t give up and move on to the next candidate. Work History You also need to include your work history on your resume. This doesn’t mean you have to include every job you have ever had, from mowing the neighbor’s yard at age ten, to delivering papers at age twelve, and babysitting at age 14. Create a comprehensive work history that will help an employer understand your background. You should definitely include paid and volunteer positions that are relevant to the job you are trying to snag. If you are pressed for room on the pages, leave out irrelevant jobs like that part-time gig you had delivering pizzas to make extra cash. Accomplishments A potential employer wants to know what you can bring to the organization, and how your experience can benefit the company. Use action verbs to describe what you accomplished at each job, instead of tired old phrases that leave the hiring manager with no idea what you actually accomplished. For example, instead of “worked for XYZ Agency for three years,” try “increased outside sales at XYZ Agency by more than $1 million over the course of three years.”  Once you find a great job, don’t toss your resume in a drawer and forget about it for years until you need it again. A resume should be a continuous work in progress, and you should update it and improve it frequently. You never know when you will need a current resume for a new job, promotion or something outside...

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3 Reasons To Invest In Fire Sprinklers For Your Small Business

Posted by on Jul 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Reasons To Invest In Fire Sprinklers For Your Small Business

Cutting costs is an important part of keeping any small business profitable. While you may be tempted to overlook the installation of fire sprinklers inside your office building in an attempt to keep overhead costs low, this decision could end up costing you a lot more if a fire breaks out in the future. Here are three reasons why you need to invest in fire sprinklers for your small business in the immediate future. 1. Fire sprinklers contain flames quick. When a fire breaks out, you want to ensure that it is contained as quickly as possible. In order to contain a fire without a fire sprinkler system, someone must first notice the flames and then contact your local fire department. Although emergency personnel will respond as fast as they can, precious time is still lost between the moment the fire breaks out and the moment firefighters arrive to battle the flames. With a fire sprinkler system, water is dispensed as soon as the first sign of a fire is detected. This allows you to contain fires within your office space quickly and reduce the amount of damage they cause. 2. Fire sprinklers can make your business more sustainable. If caring for the environment is a concern for your small business, the installation of a fire sprinkler system can be a great way to ensure your office space is as sustainable as possible. In the event that a fire breaks out, damage will be caused to the structure of your building. This means that drywall, fixtures, and furniture damaged by flame or smoke must be thrown out into a landfill. Fires are also made of gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As a fire burns, these gases are released into the atmosphere and can contribute to pollution levels. Installing a fire sprinkler system will make your business more sustainable by reducing the amount of debris and gas created during a fire because these systems put out flames fast. 3. Fire sprinklers minimize water damage. Although some people think that the activation of a fire sprinkler system will result in a significant amount of water damage to their building and equipment, this is not true. Modern fire sprinkler systems have the ability to activate only one or two sprinkler heads in the area where a fire is detected. This means that only the area engulfed by flames will be doused with water. Additionally, fire sprinklers only produce between 8 and 24 gallons of water per minute. When compared with the 50 to 125 gallons per minute produced by a firehose, it’s easy to see that the installation of a fire sprinkler system will minimize the water damage associated with putting out any fires in your office space. Take advantage of the security and benefits a fire sprinkler system can provide by installing fire sprinklers, such as from Tri County Fire Protection, in your small...

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Create A Frame Around The Mirror In Your Bathroom Quickly And Easily

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Create A Frame Around The Mirror In Your Bathroom Quickly And Easily

When you move into a home, the bathroom is often the easiest room to decorate first because it is often the smallest room in the house. If you have a mirror in your bathroom that is very plain and needs to have a bit of glamour added to it, consider creating a custom frame around the edges of the mirror. It will give it the oomph you want without costing a ton of money. Use the guide that follows to learn how to create a custom mirror frame around your bathroom mirror. Clean the Mirror The first thing you will need to do is clean the mirror. You want to be sure that the surface is as clean as it can be so that the tile you will be using to create the frame can properly stick to the glass. Use window cleaner to wash the mirror first and then spray the glass. You then want to spray the entire mirror with white vinegar and wipe it down again. The vinegar will remove all of the residue left behind by the cleaner so the tile can stick easily to the surface. Create a Border Next, you need to go to a home improvement store to purchase peel-and-stick tile, as well as grout. The peel-and-stick tile is available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. You want to be sure that you choose colors and designs that will complement the colors that you plan to use when decorating the bathroom. When you get home, hold a piece of the tile against the edge of the mirror to see if it needs to be trimmed or if you feel that it is the perfect width to suit your needs. If you feel that it comes too far toward the center of the mirror, you can trim it using a pair of scissors. Once all of the tile has been trimmed to the right length, peel the paper off of the back of the tile and stick it to the glass to create the border. Grout the Tile Mix the grout according to the directions on the packaging. Use a trowel to spread the grout all over the tile, making sure that it presses between each piece. Use a wet sponge to wipe away any excess grout from the tiles. Allow the grout to dry overnight without anyone touching it. The next day, you should have a beautiful frame created around your mirror. The frame will allow the mirror to serve as the focal point for the...

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Selecting Appropriate Promotional Products To Give Away At A Trade Show Event

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Selecting Appropriate Promotional Products To Give Away At A Trade Show Event

If you are planning on attending a trade show or exhibition to promote your business, you may want to consider giving away a few promotional items to those who stop by your booth. Many people who attend these events see several business booths in one day, making it difficult to remember company names after they leave the event. Promotional items will help remind these potential customers about your business, possibly gaining you new sales as a result. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure the promotional products you hand out will make a statement with those receiving them. Provide All Pertinent Information The main focus of your promotional item should be your company name. This should be added, in print, to whatever item you select to give away at the event. Adding a web address, social media information, and phone number to the promotional item will also help potential customers reach out to you well after they leave the event. It is also beneficial to add an address if you own a store of any kind, as people may take the trip to visit your establishment if they liked what they saw you promoting during the trade show or exhibition. Consider The Usefulness Of The Item If you give away an item without a useful value, it will be stuffed in a drawer or tossed in the trash after the event, gaining you no customers as a result. Giving away an item to use on a daily basis is more likely to allow you to gain customers as a result. People give away pens, key chains, bottle openers, or t-shirts because they are items that are easy to use and needed often. Giving away trinkets that hold no real use other than taking up space will not be a great item to give away for this type of event. Think About The Target Audience Giving away an item that will gain attention from several people is best. Many use items that can be passed from person to person, such as pens, so that more eyes fall upon the information on the item. Giving away items that can be worn, such as hats, shirts, or jackets, will also gain attention from those coming in contact with the person donning the item. Promotional products that reach out to diverse demographic areas such as these, will help you gain customers you may not have initially contemplated on targeting on your own....

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Making Your Wishes Heard — Tips For Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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Although no one likes to think about it, planning for events after your death is an important step to protecting your family and ensuring that your wishes are met. But where do you begin and what do you need to decide? Here’s a guide to making pre-arrangements on any budget.  Prepaying or Pre-planning?  There are pros and cons to deciding if you will be simply making your arrangements on paper or if you want to actually prepay the costs with a particular funeral home. You can make all the decisions that are important to you and simply place a copy of this information with certain family members, an attorney or a trusted friend. This is considered “pre-arranging,” and you can go so far as to work with a particular funeral home and save money in a designated bank account, but no money changes hands with the funeral home in this scenario, and no contracts are drawn up. Prepaying, on the other hand, is more of a commitment and is becoming increasingly popular. It cements your arrangements and makes them less flexible — in case you have specific wishes that may not be honored by family members, for example. It also means your loved ones won’t have to make unnecessary decisions or worry about money. However, there may not be good protections in your state in case something goes wrong, such as the funeral home going out of business or market rates going down (when you prepaid a higher rate).  What to Know about Prepayment If you decide that prepaying is the way you want to go, be sure to research the funeral home and the contract thoroughly. Visit potential funeral homes and check their records with the Better Business Bureau and any local funeral organizations. Ask to the see their general price list, which is required to be available by law. There can be a large difference in prices, so be sure to contact several companies and consider all package options before deciding on one. If pricing is not readily available, it may be a sign that this isn’t a reputable funeral home to be contracting with. Ask the right questions before signing any prepayment contracts. Things you should understand thoroughly include the following: What happens to the prepaid money? Who receives any interest paid? What is the refund or cancellation policy? If you move, can the funds be transferred? What happens if the business changes ownership? What substitutions are allowed if included services are no longer offered? By knowing how to make the best choices when it comes to pre-planning or prepaying your funeral services, you can ensure that your family is spared extra decisions and extra costs when the unthinkable happens. For more information, contact a company like Friedrichs Funeral...

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Preparing And Storing Childhood Dolls For Future Reminiscing

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Preparing And Storing Childhood Dolls For Future Reminiscing

Holding onto the dolls from your childhood will help you refresh memories that you cherish years from now. If you store those sweet little dolls properly, they will come out of storage in the same condition in which they went in. Here, you will learn a few tips that will help to ensure that the dolls are just as adorable years from now as they are today. Prepare the Dolls It is best to get the dolls cleaned up and looking pretty before you tuck them away for two reasons – they store better when they are clean, and it will be a much more special moment when you pull dolls out of boxes that are gorgeous instead of having rat’s nests for hair. Clothing – Remove the clothes and hand-wash or send them through the washing machine in a pillow case using the gentle cycle. Lay them or hang them to dry – never put them in the dryer or they may no longer fit your dolls. Hair – If the doll has silky hair that is a mess, put some very hot water in a bucket or bowl and soak the dolls hair. Massage a little bit of conditioner through the hair and gently comb the knots out. If the doll’s body is soft, cover it with a plastic bag, stand it upright and let the hair dry, brushing it every now and then to keep it smooth. Skin – If the skin is just slightly dirty, wash it with warm water and a drop of liquid dish soap. If there are marker marks or smudges that won’t come off easily, dip a q-tip into some Goo-Gone cleaner and apply it to those stubborn spots. Let it sit for an hour or two and return with a dry, clean cloth to buff them off of the skin. If that doesn’t work, cover the spots with a little bit of zit cream and let the doll sit out in the sun for a day or two. This will cause the spots to fade. Pack and Store the Dolls After the dolls are clean and completely dry, it is time to pack them up. For best results, put each doll in a box of her own. Shoe boxes work well for many small dolls. Larger dolls can be placed in larger boxes together, but don’t stack them on top of each other. The dolls must be stored in a climate-controlled setting. Don’t put them in your basement or attic, or they could get damaged by mold, mildew and dry-rot. Use a storage unit that offers climate-control to store the dolls if you don’t have anywhere at home that is suitable to store them. Contact a company like Belmont Self Storage to learn about their storage unit options. Take your time to get your dolls ready for storage and when you retrieve them, you will have another moment that you will...

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Can (Or Should) You Make Money With A Vehicle Wrap?

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If you drive a late-model vehicle and have been considering the installation of a vinyl wrap to help jazz up your monochromatic paint job, you may be intrigued by news articles about companies paying to advertise on consumer vehicles. While this can be a great way to defray your vehicle-related expenses, it may not be a possibility for all car owners. Read on to learn more about these types of business arrangements and how you may be able to benefit. What will increase your likelihood of being offered a car wrap deal? Although some companies once gave away “pre-wrapped” vehicles as a type of rolling advertisement, the most common types of modern pay-per-ad arrangements involve accepting cash (and a free decal) in exchange for having this decal placed on your current vehicle. This agreement will generally be on a month-to-month basis, and once terminated, the advertising company will reclaim its decal and leave your car undamaged.  In general, to fetch the highest price for your advertising wrap, you’ll need a late-model and eye-catching vehicle — an older, sedate sedan may not make the cut. You’ll also need to travel a minimum number of miles per week or park in a high-traffic area, as advertisers generally aren’t willing to pay top dollar for a vehicle that spends most of its time parked inside an indoor garage. However, if you spend your weekends parked downtown or your work hours parked on a busy street, you may have enough public exposure to earn a substantial amount of money. What should you consider before having an advertising vehicle wrap placed on your vehicle? Even if you’ve been offered a vehicle wrap arrangement and are happy with the offering price, there could be factors that might influence your ability to say yes. One of these may be your employer’s policies on vehicle use. While employers won’t generally attempt to tell you what you can drive unless the employer itself is paying for the vehicle, many employers will place restrictions on an employee’s ability to earn outside income. This is especially true if the advertising deal involves a product or service that is available from one of your employer’s competitors or if you’ll spend your days parked in an employer-owned lot. Be sure to review your employee handbook before signing a graphics advertising deal to make sure this extra income won’t jeopardize your primary source of income. For more information on vinyl graphics, consider contacting companies like Nesper Sign Advertising...

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2 Unique Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

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Finding employment in a competitive job market can be difficult. If you find that you are not receiving as many interviews for positions you are qualified for as you would like, it may be time to give your resume a facelift. Statistics show that there are three unemployed individuals for every job that becomes available in the market, so making sure that your resume makes a memorable impression can be beneficial in helping you land your dream job. Here are two things you can do to ensure your resume stands out in the future. 1.  Use precise language when drafting your resume. When it comes to making a resume more memorable, many job seekers think they need to include colorful graphics or fancy fonts. The truth of the matter is that it can be beneficial to focus on what your resume says rather than spend a lot of time trying to make your resume more artistic. Using specific and precise language when you are drafting your resume shows potential employers that you know exactly what skills you are bringing to the table. For instance, instead of throwing out buzzwords like “team player,” your resume should give a sentence about how you are willing to sacrifice your own interests for the good of the team when working on an important project. This type of precise language will present evidence to a potential employer that you will bring skills they need to an open position. 2. Quantify your achievements whenever the opportunity allows. Many professionals know that their resume should showcase the achievements they have accomplished throughout their career, but few take the time to quantify these achievements to make them even more impressive. Rather than just saying you led a committee at a previous job, include the number of people that were on that committee. If you worked on a project that generated additional revenue for your previous company, be sure to include the amount of money you were responsible for acquiring. Associating a number with your achievements helps potential employers see how valuable you could be to their own company in the future. Drafting a resume can be a difficult task, so you may want to seek out the help of writing services, like Jackson Stevens Resumes. To ensure that you receive job interviews for positions that you are qualified for in today’s competitive job market, it’s essential that your resume stands out from the rest. Taking the time to use precise language and quantify your achievements as you draft your resume will help potential employers take notice of you in the...

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Tips For Designing The Office Space Most Suitable For Employee Collaboration

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Designing The Office Space Most Suitable For Employee Collaboration

In today’s business world, the days of private cubicles are giving way to office designs that make working as a team easier. Employee collaboration in an office setting has many benefits, so setting up your new office space with that in mind is a good idea. Follow these tips for helping you choose the kind of furniture that will look great while being the most functional for employee collaboration. Modular Desks Offer Elbow Room From U-shaped to long, L-shaped desks, modular desks have become more than just beautifully designed. Some modular desks offer more storage space, allowing your employees more room for supplies. The more supplies an employee has at his or her own desk, the fewer trips to the supply room, a great way to save time. Modular desks can be placed together in a circular design, allowing open office design that gives employees a way to communicate without texting or standing up over the wall of their cubicle. For example, an office of journalists working towards the morning edition of a town newspaper may enjoy discussing topics like format, the hottest stories and word count without having to get up and find the person they need for doing so. If greater levels of team work in your office is absolutely vital to production, considering your need for an open office floor plan is a good idea before choosing furniture. Desks Designed For New Technology When computers first hit the office scene, they were cumbersome because of their wiring being in the way. Today’s desks offer specially designed styles for placing wiring out of the way, making your office space neater and safer. When putting together a collaboration office design, choosing desks that give you plenty of of options for computer related hardware is always best. Desks that are free of clutter and wiring are the desks that are easier to organize. Bear in mind that organization means lot to maintaining greater office production, so choosing office furniture that promotes it is best. Credenzas and Other Storage Spaces The placement of furnishings like credenzas can be challenging in an open office design. Placing credenzas against the outside of a circular design allows you to maintain your open design while also providing easy access storage space without interrupting the space between your employees. Taking the time to design an open office floor plan can be worthwhile, especially in offices that would benefit a lot from team work. Many styles of desks and other furnishings are available to help you complete your open design at most office furniture companies...

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